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Seeking Assistance From The Shipping Experts

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I am new to osCommerce, but have fallen deeply for its robustness, and the support given through the contributions of its members. I hope to make myself at home.


I have a situation that currently is running the options for 'Store Pickup' and 'UPS'. I need to add a 'Free Shipping' for an order that totals $25 or more. The options available for an order $25 or more should have 'Store Pickup' and 'Shipping is Free'. Any assistance by any osCommerce Gurus will be greatly appreciated.


I have osCommerce 2.2 MS 1 installed. I have tried contributions:

FreeShip_Pay_v3.1; Free_Shipping_Payment_v1; FreeShippingPayment_v5_0; They all seem to conflict with the 'Store Pickup' option, and thus, does not work.


The domain is http://www.christianbookstation.com/catalog



Paul Ranger

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