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[Contribution] Category Descriptions MS2 1.4

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I have been trying to get this contribution to work with the Header Tag contribution and when I added this Category Descriptions contribution, I lost my page Title and Meta Descriptions for the categories. Can anyone help with the right code to make both contributions work together? The meta keywords show on the category pages, just not the Title and the meta description. You can see this at www.labelrack.com

Laser labels, barcode labels, custom labels

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Ooops! I've been trying to install this contribution, and finally got the admin section working. But now, all my catalog content area is completely empty! :o


The test site is at http://www.bountifulpantry.com/catalog


The Code for the main section only has this left:


<!-- start content //-->

<table border="0" width="125" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">

<!-- right_navigation //-->


<!-- end content //-->


I am using Simple Template System and perhaps this is why?


Hopefully this is something simple and silly, but any help is appreciated!




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Figured it out finally... by uploading a totally clean version of the catalog/index.php my $content is back. Will now try reinstalling the Category Descriptions contribution. Wish me luck!

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I have installed this contribution and am not getting any error messages but it is not working right.


when I try to edit or add a decription, it goes through the process of showing it when I click preview but then it doesn't actually change it. I can go into the database and change a description directly there and it works but I can't do it from the admin panel. everything else seems to be all working correctly/still, i.e. adding a category or deleting it. it is just the edit or add description feature which is not working.


does anyone have any insite on where I should start looking? I see this in the sql file included in the documentation:


# Pay attention to the sort_order value '19'. If you have installed other contributions, 19 can already be occupied. Just change it to another value not yet used.


how do I see what the sort_order value is to see if 19 has already been used? I am using phpMyAdmin. Thank you all in advance.

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