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The e-commerce.


Progression of Osc into Osc4

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Hi All

I've been looking through coding and as far as I can tell the osCommerce 4 is based on:

OsCommerce forking into CRELoaded.

CRELoaded being extended and modified into TrueLoaded (a version can be found on github here: https://github.com/vladmalyshev/trueloaded

According to the developers website Holbi, Trueloaded has now been rebranded 'Powerful Commerce'.

All of the demonstrations that have been streamed having been using a variation of the Trueloaded code so if anyone wants to see under the cover (as it was two years ago) I suggest you take a look at the github. I've got it installed but am currently getting sql query errors so am working through them.

I have no idea when osCommerce will come out but it's seriously extended in trueloaded and should be great if we can get some kind of release.


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Mark, thanks for your interest! 

While you may indeed gain some ideas about the new osCommerce from looking into the code of True Loaded on github, please kindly note that is a very old code, and new osCommerce will have more features and its code will be quite different and compatible with the latest PHP 

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Will OscV4 work with Windows? Unfortunately, this is not the case with TrueLoaded.

with OsC 2.2 since 2006 ...

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