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The admin is now largely complete. Only 1/2 pages remain to be worked on. All the old tables have been replaced with responsive tables which will scale to the device size. The implementation will be satisfactory to view on medium sized devices and up. An alternative implementation that caters for all screen sizes is possible but then you have to resort to hiding/removing content for small devices. The osCommerce core code and functionality remains exactly the same.

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/gccwpu7hpgtmm3z/Force Customer Country W3.zip?dl=0

Force Customer Country

Contribution Author: Olaf Larsson

If you only operate in / ship to one country you might find this contribution useful. I have modified the files for:

1) create_account.php

2) includes/modules/address_book_details.php

3) includes/modules/checkout_new_address.php

Follow the instructions in the package.


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Today I am going to improve on the performance of my shop, by caching the configuration values which are queried on every page load.

Contribution: Configuration Cache for osCommerce 2.3

Before we install the contribution, I use the following debugger:

Before installation:


After installation:


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Now I go to one of my product pages where the also purchased module shows a few products.


How many people still remember / or ever knew how to work cache? Go to page 68 of the original osCommerce documentation and find the explanation there. After configuring cache for my also purchased products, here is the result:


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There is no more need for includes/classes/boxes.php, however I will leave the code there as a fallback in case anybody has/installs old code onto the package. In your installation you can delete this file, and then also in application_top.php

// infobox
  require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'boxes.php'); 

can be removed.

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