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Hello, many ECommerce, they work with two software, the website and the ERP, and both are basically synchronized in two aspects.

- Download the orders in the ERP to manage them.
- Update prices and make stock updates.

At the same time, sometimes the ERP, the products are unique, that is, they have a code for the product with its size and color, they are not attributes of a single product. While in OsCommerce the colors and sizes are attributes of a single product.

Is it contemplated to put the attribute code in OsCommerce?
For example:
Black -> Code 500
White -> Code 600
Size M -> Code 1025
Size L -> Code 1030

To be able to record the entire product code in a column of the order. For example
001560.500.1025 <- Product Black size M
001560.600.1030 <- Product White Size L.

Or even to be able to update stocks directly against those codes? Or assign directly to those codes the EAN or MPN for Google Shopping for example?

The stocks are based on the QTPro contribution?


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