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Help solving errors needed

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Hi everyone.

I recently place my site online and still have some problems/errors to fix.
sadly my php knowledse is not huge, and some error's are above my grade of understanding php🙈

Since my iDeal isn't working and some of the erro'rs are in ideal.php. I think ill start there? so hopefully solving the error's in there, wil also solve the ideal not working problem.

lets start with the first 2 error's....and hopefully you all wil work that way also throught the other error's... a few at a time.😁

so i"m in payment details when i want to order something...
and I see 2 error's there


Notice: Use of undefined constant token - assumed 'token' in /var/www/vhosts/sandraspetsparadise.nl/httpdocs/shop/includes/classes/idealm.php on line 767
If i go to the named file then on line 767 it looks likes this:

&& token != null


Notice: Undefined variable: res in /var/www/vhosts/sandraspetsparadise.nl/httpdocs/shop/includes/classes/idealm.php on line 722
so if I go to that named file it shows on line 722 this:

$res .= fgets($fsp, 128);

Can anyone tell me how to fix these errors?
Thanks in advance!

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The 2nd error is due to the variable $res not being initialised.

You can try adding $res = ""; above line 128 and see if that resolves the error.

The 1st error is due to an undefined constant, assuming token is meant to be a constant, and its not a typo ($token perhaps). maybe someone who knows this script can shed more light.

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