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Any concerns updating jQuery (and Bootstrap3) in osC 2.3.4 BS Gold?

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So a site audit on my osC 2.3.4 BS Gold site has pointed out that jQuery 1.11.1 an Bootstrap 3.3.7 have vulnerabilities that should be patched.

Can I update jQuery and Bootstrap 3 without breaking my site? Which versions should I update to, to keep everything safe and working?


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There are no fixes for those vulnerabilities as far as I know, and BS3 has been at end of life for a while now. Current BS version is 5. Just updating the bootstrap files will break the site, so there is no easy path for you to upgrade to. 

Your options are basically to migrate the shop to one of the previous CE osCommerce's based on BS4, or to wait for the new official osCommerce to be released and migrate to that.

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