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What? I can't request a developer her anymore?

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I haven't been here for a few years. But now i am looking for some dev support. I see you can't post it on the forums anymore...

Has it been completely removed? I can only get help by 2 partners of OsCommerce choice?

I don't understand. I have been looking around on google but i can't find any other sites where i can post my inquiry and hire an OsCommerce developer of my choice. Other then generic developers i want someone with OsCommerce experience.

Or am i mistaken? Can anyone point me to an active site where i can post my request for paid help by an experienced OsCommerce developer. Or can i now, in OpenSource land, only pick between the 2 companies that are 'partnered' with osCommerce?

Thanks for replying

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Posted (edited)


Way back in the past, we were never allowed to post commercial enquiries on the open forum. Then later on, a commercial enquiries forum was created, but even that was never public information. Not sure if that forum still exists or if it's in one of the closed clubs.

The forum is under new management now, so i guess everyone has to fall in line with the way they want to go about things.

Edit. Sorry, i see the commercial support forum is still there. You can try posting there.



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