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The e-commerce.


General thoughts about Add-On's

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Serveral times I read "as many methods, especially payment and shipment, as possible in the box".

Such an overload does not win customers, but rather scares them away. I think the best way is a lean, clear system that only uses the necessary methods. Everything else is then offered as Add-on's for free. As many free and easy to integrate Add-on's as possible attract more customers than anything on board or paid.

And the overload could also slow down the whole system. Another deterrent more.

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Why is there no easy way to find a listing of all add-ons?

Occasionally new ones will pop up on the administration page, but how to find others is not clear.

I wasted a lot of time recently and still could not find the authorized.net addon.  I stopped using it 10 or more years ago, and when I tried to reactivate it, the response times out when returning to the admin order section.  As a programmer for over 50 years the first repair should have been to reload the most current version, which I cannot find.

Where are the addons?  Hold can we scan the short descriptions on all of them?

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You can search for add-ons related to your keywords criteria here:


There's not a list of all add-ons because it would be of no value to anyone, considering 20+ years of submitted add-ons. Personally, I have about 37 of my own.

The new osC ownership expressed intent to revamp the add-ons site for osCv4 in the coming months.



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osCommerce: made for programmers, ...because store owners do not want to be programmers.


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New App Shop is almost ready, and will be released along the new version of osCommerce shortly.


Users will be able to search for various apps and install them directly from the back end of their osCommerce sites or in the App Shop. 


Of course it will be possible to submit apps to the App Shop, free or paid. 

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New owners of osCommerce decided you we should not be able to access them.

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