@Hotclutch thanks for this question! Didn't plan a post on Sunday but am happy to share   So, product images in osCommerce v4: 1. You can have any number of images linked to a product. The only limitation is common sense and design restriction, if any.  2. When uploading images, the system will automatically resize them into a bunch of different sizes, used for different purposes - like Zoomed in, regular product info page, product listing, various boxes and smaller listings, etc. Naturally, resizing is done proportionally 3. Images can be hosted on a separate server (or in a separate cloud), talking CDN here  4. Watermark - this can be configured for each sales channel, and you can have watermark in 3 sizes applied to images. You can also mark some images to NOT apply the watermark. 5. Zooming in on the product info page opens a lightbox  6. Images can be uploaded from your computer, or the system can use a so called "external image" - in that case instead of uploading files you'd need to specify its URLs. 7. Languages - osCommerce v4 allows to link product images to languages; so if you have different product images for different languages - osCommerce v4 is your platform! 8. Drag and drop - need to re-order images - just drag and drop 9. Images to attributes - this is a cool feature. It allows to link images to particular attribute values. When the user changes attribute values in the front end, the system can re-load images associated with the chosen value(s).  10. Import / Export - of course you can export images along with products and import them into the system as well, in batches  11. Image SEO - you can specify ALT tags in a template to be used across the whole site as such, but you can also override them for each image. What's even better, you can change image's URL to make it more SEO friendly. Please feel free to post your follow up questions here!