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New management and osCommerce v4

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At this time we can only say that osCommerce v4 is going to be a much more modern and powerful (feature-rich) Ecommerce platform than osCommerce v2 or any of its editions has ever been. 

We will be posting updates and previews on this Forum to gradually explain its benefits to the members of osComemrce community. There are real benefits for small businesses, medium and large businesses, B2B companies, designers, developers, consultants, accountants - you name it! 

The future is bright with osCommerce! 

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2 hours ago, osCommerce-Official said:

@milkman45, thanks Renato. We will be happy to consider how OSCPM can be connected to the new version of osCommerce v4. osCommerce definitely can benefit from a strong featured product management solution. 

By the way, there's a very cool import/export feature in osCommerce v4 that may be useful and also powerful API. We will be posting about those in the next few weeks on this forum.

OSCPM is connected to via a connector in the root directory of the store and connects directly to the MySQL database. It has no effect on any of the files in the store and has its own desktop GUI.

As an addition to the functionality of e-commerce, it ticks all the boxes.


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