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Easy CSV Impoert

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I am interested in the Easy CSV import for my Os Commerce store. v2.3.4.1 My concern is that for security reasons, I have renamed my admin file to a different name as EVERYONE knows the name of the admin file is : admin! I made the necessary changes in the other files to accommodate the name change and it works just fine. So, that being said, will this upload be affected by the name change? If so, can I modify it to accommodate the name change? Sure would save me loads of time populating the store. 


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If you're just starting out, I'm pretty sure the coders for OsCommerce will explain that is not something to use for a new commercial site/installation.
It is now very old and superseded by Phoenix.Edition v107.xx, currently at 13 and under continued development.

Good luck and welcome to OsCommerce.

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