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i keep getting this problem each time, when i setup a new shop. and with alot of things doing it suddenly works.
but maybe you can tell me how to fix this instant.

so al the info is set. if there is an order i get the emails in my box.
but the contact form just isnt working, im using the settings sendmail.

can anyone tell me what im doing wrong,
on an other server of me, for the same provider, it does work.
i complete copy paste the shop, and changed all the configs needed to let it work on the other server.

 thank you


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strange i found the problem

on my other system the spam filter was enabled on passing spam trough.

on the new server it wasnt.

only bad thing i really had to acces the spamcluster to find this out.

still strange that when i take a new server room, the settings are different on startup

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