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Site Functionality review

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Hi all,

I have website that was doing great as far as traffic and orders.

In November, the hosting company updated the server and then all the trouble started.

First it was 1366 databse errors, then Stripe and paypal threw errors during checkout.

We have lost a lot of traffic and there are no orders coming in.

We disabled stripe for the meantime and now have to rely solely on paypal to handle purchases.

Is the re a way to have some of you look at the site and see if you recognize a glaring error?


If the only tool you have is a hammer, all your problems look like nails

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It is an older version of oscommerce and, most likely,  the change your host made caused compatibility issues. You can see if there is an error_log file in the shops root to see what problems are mentioned. Also, knowing what your host did, like upgrading php, would help figure out the problem.

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