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Customer unregistered after redirection to payment gateway

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I have a problem, when a client choose to pay by credit card, and the website redirect him to the payment gateway CCAvenue, and he complete the payment, CCAvenue redirect him back to checkout_process.php

At this point checkout_process.php redirect him to login page to login again. and the order is not processed and saved in the database and no emails sent (I checked the CCAvenue platform, payment received)

SO the user will walk this path: Checkout_confirmation > CCAvenue > Checkout_process > Login

IS it because some wrong settings regarding Cookies or sessions ?

What should i fill in the config.php files ? I have the following :

define( 'HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '' );
define( 'HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '' );
define( 'HTTP_COOKIE_PATH', '' );
define( 'HTTPS_COOKIE_PATH', '' );

Thank you :)))

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I found that Google Chrome unregister all sessions when the customer is redirected to the payment page, this problem is happening on Google Chrome, while Firefox when the customer is redirected back to checkout_process, he will be logged in and redirected to checkout_success.

Any idea why Google Chrome unregister the sessions whn the tab is closed ?

All the best,

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