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admin specials product dropdown list

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I have phoenix 1075 version, have more then 800 products in the database, and has around 730 specials save in the database table,
(special enhanced addon can show all the products from database...)


what I feel strange is that when i click on the add new special product, the drop down list from the product doesn't show all the products... (only less then 30 products on the dropdown menu)


how can I modify it so that it will show all the products? I notice this happened to my osCommerce version 2.3.4, BS, and phoenix 1050 version as well...is there something I did wrong with the code or with the database?

And I delete the ($0.00) from the list, but it still show up on the drop down list, how can I make it deleted (also delete the database),  permanently and not show on the product drop down list anymore?


any help or suggestion is appreciated, thanks!  Lyn


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Try the attached file. It may not work on your phoenix version but it does work on the latest version. I have only tried it on the test products on a test site so will be interested to see how it works with hundreds of products.

It is also called specials advanced.php so you can either copy and paste the code into your file or create a whole new link in admin to the file which will prevent it being over written should the specials file ever be updated in core code. The language is not far off the standard advanced specials language file I seem to remember.

It may help it may not




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