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Browsers displaying site layout differently

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This is how my site looks in Firefox, displays correctly. The background is forced black as I have really bad cataracts and this about the only way I can see anything.



Just downloaded Chrome and for some reason it pushes new products below left column.


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10 minutes ago, burt said:

Without a URL (which I presume would be NSFW), we'd all be doing guesswork.

@burt Thanks.

Using a browser with a white background is a total washout.

No issue, just idiot operating the keyboard.


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Looks fine in Chrome other than in one particular width where the products push below as you describe. 

You should change this setting (below) to try to combat that, or not worry about it...as it is not a resolution that matters...

Setting:  Admin > Configuration > Products Per Row

Maybe change row-cols-md-4 to row-cols-lg-4

There is *no way* to suit all devices and all resolutions, it's a tail chasing exercise of futility.


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