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SSL Installed with errors - Part of Site not secure

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An update on this old thread which never worked for me properly and I just lived with it.

I finally got this to fully work with images, I'm using CE Phoenix v1.0.7.9

*** First Back-up your website **


You should have setup your SSL certificates etc. and opened port 443 on your router or firewall before you do this.

Step 1.

Edit files : [root directory] /includes/configure.php

Change the line

const HTTP_SERVER = 'http://www.youwwebsitename.com';


const HTTP_SERVER = 'https://www.youwwebsitename.com';

Step 2.

Edit files : [root directory] /admin/includes/configure.php

Change these two lines...

 const HTTP_SERVER = 'http://www.youwwebsitename.com';


const HTTP_SERVER = 'https://www.youwwebsitename.com';


const HTTP_CATALOG_SERVER = 'http://www.youwwebsitename.com';


const HTTP_CATALOG_SERVER = 'https://www.youwwebsitename.com';


Now the hard part. Do one of these two things (you or your host is most likely using Apache2)

(1) Your hosting company may have a single check box to click to rewrite http to https so check with them or peruse your control panel.


(2) Follow this tutorial to change your server to rewrite http to https


Hint. Your .htaccess file is located in the [root directory] of your website.



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