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No purchase notifications so can fill orders?!

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Hello. I have installed oscommerce many times, and have got all to work. I just installed the newest phoenix version for a new client. It looks and works great. BUT... I am having email issues. When I use another address and sign up as a customer and make a purchase, I see paypal notifications to me as client and store owner. So that works. But as a client, I never receive a store email receipt. As the shop owner, I never get an email notice that a purchase was made so I can fulfill an order. I have used 3 different email address for: 1 store owner, and 2 "send extra order emails". Nothing comes to any inboxes. The weird part is, if you sign up as a new customer, you get the welcome email. And update a status of an order, I get a client email notification of that. What could possibly be wrong? Here is some extra info: Host gator linux hosting. Tried outlook and web clients and searched through spam/junk folders. I am at wits end with this and could really use some help. Phoenix store software version

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If the store owner email is not one of your own domain, e.g. gmail or yahoo mail, then there is a likelihood that your server prevents the emails from sending out.

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