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Jolly Blackburn

PayPal transactions broken...?

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Hey folks, I inherited our webstore/oscommerce set up from a partner who passed away in September. It's been running on a wing and a prayer. I can post new products and stuff like that but when something breaks, I'm lost.

Yesterday all PayPal transactions on our webstore suddenly round to a halt. Customers are reporting when they are offered a choice of cc or paypal for payment that choosing paypal just loops them around and they have to choose again. Is this a new/known issue? I have no idea where to start as far as finding a solution. Thanks in advance (and be kind to the noob). ;)

Our webstore. www.kenzerco.com

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It might be that the credentials for Paypal are your partners and no longer active so you should check that. Also, what module is being used for the credit card option and does it work?

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I have the same problem

PayPal Express Checkout API does not work anymore
I am using PayPal Express Checkout App v5.018 API system on osCommerce v2.3.4
My customers are no longer able to make payments when ordering since 31-08-2020 at around 7 p.m. They come back in the (shopping_cart).
For me on the administration side, API system has not worked since the same time.
Balance API tools give me this error (Error: The PayPal balance could not be retrieved. Please try again.)
Log API tools gives me errors on these actions (AC: SetExpressCheckout) and (actions APP: GetBalance).
I have the same problem in 2 other stores for a total of 3 different Paypal account.
I checked in the paypal configurations account and the (API Username, Password and Signature) is still there. No change??

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You might verify that you don't need to follow the steps at

That was a problem in the UK last year.  It may have spread to other countries this year. 

Note that if you use CE Phoenix, that wouldn't be a problem, as the file has already been updated. 

Always back up before making changes.

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