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cannot log in

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I had a problem by making a mistake and I lost all my products and customers. Also trying to log in to my admin  suddenly failed with the message that I had reaced the mx attemps and I had to truy again  in 5 minutes.

My provider helped me in putting everything back to the 20 of July when all was working well and that part was ok again. My webshoip was back, also my inlogpage for the admin part was back but still with the same message. So I cannot login in to delete or ad products etc.

I have no way of making a new loginname/password.

Can someone help ?

If so, please , I am not very good at this. I am a user and do not know much.

Maybe someone from oscommerce that can help here ??



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@usaoldiesAssuming your shop is not too old, you can delete the administrators table from the database. Then when you reload your admin, it will ask you to create a new login.

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5 minutes ago, usaoldies said:

Just today my provider gave me all the help I needed. Oscommerce never even answered any request.

My problem is solved.

I would just like to state that all the help given in these forums is given by other users of "Oscommerce".  
"Oscommerce" is the software you use at no cost to you.

So, it looks like the help you've received is commensurate to the help you have ever given.

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