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Custom forms help on emagicone

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Anyone familiar with this desktop program?

I need to alter a custom report and bit setback on the SQL part

SELECT T1.products_id,
FROM /*PREFIX*/products T1 
     INNER JOIN /*PREFIX*/products_description T2 ON T2.products_id = T1.products_id
           And T2.language_id = /*CURRENT_LANGUAGE_ID*/  
WHERE T1.products_id /*PRODUCTS_ID_LIST*/ 
Order by vendors_id 

Above currently working except it is giving the vendors_id for the product ie. 5

I have a table called vendors, this have vendors_id and vendors name in it
How to make the products vendors_id show as vendors_name in above query?

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INNER JOIN vendors v on T1.vendors_id = v.vendors_id

Then you can select v.vendors_name.

Always back up before making changes.

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