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Clear order comments from database

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I am thinking that I would like to remove some of the very early data from my database before transferring it all to a new version of the shop using Phoenix. First question I suppose Is it really worth doing? Would there be any gain from deleting all this old data.

Current database backup size is 389,909,542 bytes.

The store has been online for over 10 years now and I have never removed any old orders or data from that far back. I do remove inactive customers and their address details using the inactive customers addon. I also notice that the order comments table is full of comments from PayPal, Stripe, my delivery tracking information and of course the comments left by customers. Is it worth removing some of this data?

If it is worth removing all this old data is there a great one off addon that will remove it all , or will it be lots of different addons or even just something to remove it in mysql.


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