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Jolly Blackburn

Report of specific product sole and to whom

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Hi, my partner recently passed away and I'm a noob with no oscommerce exprience stepping into this shoes.

We had a pre-order product for sell on our oscommerce site for three years. It's been something of a crowd-funding endeavor.
That product is about ready to be released only my partner left no record who who ordered and paid for this pre-order (we have over a 100 products on our webstore)

I can enter a customer name and verify that they bought the product. So I know the info is there.

What I need to do is get a report with shipping info for every customer who bought the product. I have no clue how to do that.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Because I like playing board games, I'll message you a .zip file which you can upload to your admin area and then use to download that data.  It might work or it might not - no harm in trying - your shop is ancient version of osCommerce unfortunately.

Sorry for your loss.

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SELECT o.*, op.*
 FROM orders o INNER JOIN orders_products op ON o.orders_id = op.orders_id
 WHERE op.products_id = 1

Replace 1 with the correct product ID.  The product ID will be visible on the product page, e.g. product_info?products_id=1

You'd put that query into phpMyAdmin (SQL tab) or similar.  Note that you might be better off taking the generated list and viewing the orders individually in your admin. 

This is probably more work than Burt's solution, but it is also more likely to work.  So try his first and then if it doesn't do what you want, you can try this. 

Always back up before making changes.

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