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Gary Tayman

Shipping problems

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I have an online store, in addition to my regular business, and I set it up using OSCOMMERCE.

Most of the time I'm EXTREMELY busy, so it's not easy to spend time studying and trying to figure out how to do things.

From the beginning, OSCOMMERCE has been great in every respect, except one -- shipping.  Getting the shipping right has been a major pain, and once again it has raised its ugly head.

The one method that works, most of the time, is Table Rate.  For most orders it's pretty close.  However for international shipping it's horrible.  Case in point:  I just received an order for a car stereo and speakers, shipping to Switzerland.  OSCOMMERCE charged $26 for shipping.  Using the USPS calculation, the price is more like $75.  So here I am, embarrassingly sending e-mails, asking for an additional $49 to cover shipping cost.  He may pay it, or he may cancel the order.

There IS one thing that differentiates domestic from international.  My supplier usually ships domestic orders using UPS, while international shipping is USPS.

Do you have any suggestions for fixing this?




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What osCommerce really needs is a Zone/Value/Weight shipping matrix. Unfortunately until someone either decides to code one, or is paid to code one we're very much stuck with what there is.

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Have you looked for a working USPS shipping module in the addons area? I expect you will not be the first person to need one.

Failing that could you not create another table rate for the international shipping option.


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Actually a USPS module would work, as the rates are close to UPS domestically, and it's what my supplier uses to drop ship internationally.

So now I'll have to search and find the addons area, and see how complicated it is to install -- hopefully easy.



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