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Payment Modul doesn`t get tax for shipping

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I tried to install  for giropay the oscommerce 2 plug-in girocheckout_oscommerce_3.3.5.
The testmode works fine, but there is no tax included for shipping at the amount that is send to Giropay.

The tax for shipping is included at checkout and is on the invoice. That would be the right amount.

There are different payment modules included at girocheckout_oscommerce_3.3.5.
And always the same problem that there is no tax at the shipping cost.

For example at the modul gc_eps.php in line 180 : $amount = $order->info['total']; 
The $order->info['total'] gives the price without tax at shipping.
Where can I add the tax for shipping?

Did you have / had  the same problem? 

How can I ad the tax for shipping?

I think the best way would be to get the to_total from the orders_total at class. 
Do you have a solution for that?

At backend I have done all tax inclusions. 
That works because the total amount at the invoice and at checkout is with the tax for shipping.

Just at Giropay the tax for shipping is missing.



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