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search result without special letter ex. ą,ł, ź, ż etc.

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I have a problem with searching in the store. When I type a word with a special letter, e.g. łopian, it shows that there is no such product. If I type opian finds the product. This is probably a SQL encoding problem:
My sql :

character_set_client utf8mb4
character_set_connection utf8
character_set_database latin2
character_set_filesystem binary
character_set_results utf8mb4
character_set_server latin2
character_set_system utf8
character_sets_dir /home/mysql101/share/mysql/charsets/

collation_connection utf8_unicode_ci
collation_database latin2_general_ci
collation_server latin2_general_ci

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Maybe someone will be useful , about 630 line in general php:

// Parse search string into indivual objects
 // function tep_parse_search_string($search_str = '', &$objects) {
 //   $search_str = trim(strtolower($search_str));
 //wyniki wyszukiwania z polskimi literami
   function tep_parse_search_string($search_str = '', &$objects) {
       $search_str = trim($search_str);
       $search_str = mb_convert_case($search_str, MB_CASE_LOWER, "utf-8");

Best regards

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