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Support thread for JcM Product Info Tabs Select V3 Phoenix

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JcM Product Info Tabs Select V3 Phoenix

Updated, Note this version is for Phoenix only.

Updated for Phoenix and integrated new Photo Gallery into new image tab.

Product info Tabs will now allow for a much simpler cleaner layout of the product info page.

Remove stock gallery and stock description make tabs full width (12) and you can unclutter the product info page as most info is now displayed in the tabs.


Disable Tab 2 if you are using your SEO key words!

In admin set tabs display, you only need to change the disable box as it will hide tab and content.


Stock osC has 2 fields in product info that can be used.

1) Product Meta Description for SEO:

You should be using this to put a brief description of each product. If you are then use this as the Tech info tab input if required.

2) Product Meta Keywords for SEO:

This is obsolete for most people so why not use it. You could use it to add warranty info for each product or anything else you require.

The SEO Key words are used for the warranty tab



Manuals Tab. You need to add PDF files in this format.

The product-model is used with a suffix.



If no manuals are available then tab will not display.




If no videos are available then tab is not displayed. This tab is for videos that you wish the customer to see immediately and not have to use the gallery.


Image tab this uses the new stock osC Gallery to display images and video. This replaces the stock Gallery so turn that off.


As before you can set the tab descriptions in admin.

That’s it simply copy all files of the into relevant sections and go to admin modules /content and install.

Has been tested on Phoenix only.

That’s it Enjoy!



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Hi Jcmagpie

How can we remove tab privacy and the warranty they are not disabling 

Thanks for your great contribs

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