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Support thread for JcM Links Header V1.0

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Has been checked and tested on Phoenix and works fine. 😊

A simple add-on’s that allows you to display up to 10  links in the header of your site.

It’s a simple no core change add-on so just copy files over go to admin and install and setup.

Links can be set in language file. Links can be turned on or off in admin. Background color can be overridden in admin if required.

You can select which pages it is displayed on in admin.

That’s it enjoy.

Has been tested on Phoenix V1.0.5.3 only.

Can be see working on this site

all 10 links showing



With some turned off



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A new add-on has been uploaded, using same support thread as they are doing same thing.

This one gives a better display on small screens ( or so i'm told). The same for large screens but on mobile phones the links will be reduced to showing a single link that will auto scroll.


As allways can be seen running on the normal sites.


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