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No details in PayPal Express payments

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Hello Forum members,

When my clients pat with PayPal express it all goes well.

Only on the confirmation I and they receive there is no info at all. Just the address of the client, and the total amount paid.

Is it not possible to have the description in it of the items bought, and shipping etc. ? (in PayPal standard that worked).

In my PayPal account I activated the return URL and the transfer of payment data. But that does not seem to make any difference at all.

Maybe somebody could give me a hint (or not possible at all).




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I am having the same issue, when someone orders an item, it correctly shows up in the Paypal screen, along with the postage rate. After the order is completed, the email receipt from Paypal does not show the line items, and the information is a little misleading, for example, if i purchase 1 item for £5.00 and the postage is £1.32, then in the paypal screen after logging in, the information is correct, showing the item name and price, the seperate postage price and the total cost. When i get the email receipt from Paypal (as shown below), then the information is missing line item and instead, the shipping description appears which shows the full amount. The shipping amount is then shown again below but of the correct amount.

Description Unit price Qty Amount

Royal Mail 2nd Class Large Letter:
£6.32 GBP 1 £6.32 GBP
Subtotal £6.32 GBP
Postage and packaging £1.32 GBP
Insurance £0.00 GBP
Total £6.32 GBP
Postage and packaging are based on the fall back rates you provided.
Payment £6.32 GBP


There is a note about missing line items in the Paypal Express documentation in regards to incorrect totals preventing the line item information from being sent to paypal, but this information is correct when viewed in the paypal window. I am using a new install of Phoenix and Paypal App 5.018

Has anyone else seen this issue, and if so, any ideas how to fix it?


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Hello all.

I have the same problem with PayPal Express.

On completion of a sale there is no item description in the Transaction Details email, just the price paid. This makes it very difficult to identify the product needed to be sent to the customer.

Also, on the packing slip, the description is marked n/a.

How do I get the item description to display?

Regards Shaun

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