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Paypal Standard Payments Failing

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Just now, Bordersbloke said:

No I'm using Paypal IPN and Paypal WPP Hosted IPN. 

However Paypal Standard (which I do not use but have added to test) is also failing as others describe.

I cannot use the app as the WPP version is not compatible with pre-2009 WPP accounts.


Have you updated the CRT ?  
In 2.3.4 that is at /ext/modules/payment/paypal/paypal.com.crt

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I have now installed the Paypal App and am using the express checkout from that.

Paypal WPP will have to be abandonned on my site, the version in the app doesn't support 3D secure on my account.  I have a better card processor anyway.

The biggest issue I have is that from the main checkout (rather than the express button from the basket), when applying a coupon code I'm getting this error:


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I have no idea why this is, but it's notable that the app via checkout goes straight from the payment options page to Paypal without first showing the order summary page where the discount would normally apply.  I tried Paypal standard, but that didn't generate an order confirmation until the buyer returned to the site, and I've no desire to go back to 2006...

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I just wanted to thank you all!
The Paypal Express button in my shop stopped working September 1st, 2020.
The clients saw a "You not have permission to access this resource" when clicking on the button.
When I tried from the Admin - modules -  Payments - Paypal Checkout Express the "Test API Server Connection" it couldn't connect.
My SSL certificate is with DigiCert Inc.
Sure enough, the /modules/payment/paypal/paypal.com.crt did not include all the certificates. Changed it with the one on github:
and now it works again!

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