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const variable

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basicly a simple question, but i dont know.

I want to place TESTVARIABLE there, so i can place the value of that somewhere else.
but if i use this i got an error.
because if you would do this in a define command, it does work.

  const MODULE_CONTENT_I_TITLE_DESCRIPTION  = 'link "blablabla'.TESTVARIABLE.'" end';
thank you


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You can only use const in global or class context, not inside a function.  So if you have something like

function do_stuff() {
  const WHATEVER = 'whatever';

you'll get an error. 

You also can only do const with things that can be done at compile time.  So

function do_stuff() {
  return 'whatever';

const WHATEVER = do_stuff();

for anything that needs to be calculated at run time.  The define is done at run time, so it doesn't care about that. 

Always back up before making changes.

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