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Of late I have noticed in my action recorder that someone is posting messages with nonsense messages.

I have Captcha setup and I have also added some custom sanitisation to kill the process when certain criteria is met. All of these posts are coming from he same region (Russia) so it is clearly the same person(s) carry this out. I have asked my host for a security scan which has passed, what are they trying/hoping or what might they have achieved. I can see at least 6 months of this type of activity so I can't imagine they must have had some sort of gain or success to date.

Any ideas?


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It might be spammers trying to send out emails. Just because they all seem to be from Russia doesn't mean they are from the same person.  If you have no intention of selling to someone from Russia, then the best approach is to block the whole country. Short of that, it depends on the message. If it just contains text, no email addresses or url's, then it is not possible to block them based on the message. If it does, I suggest you install the Honey Pot addon and set the automatic blocking option.

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