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shopping_cart.php accessible to non logged-in user

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I just noticed this by chance today.

I am running bootstrap version of OSCv2.3.4

I can visit the shopping_cart.php when not logged in.  Of course the cart is empty.

Any other pages i try to visit will redirect me to the login page, but not this one.

Is this intentional or some misconfiguration?

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You can add products to the shopping cart before logging in.  Logging in merges your current carts. 

On someone's first visit to the site, the intended flow is

1.  Browse and find products that you want to buy. 

2.  Add them to the cart.

3.  Click the check out button. 

4.  Create an account. 

5.  Pick checkout options. 

6.  Confirm options and check out. 

It would be possible to add a message on that page that says something like "You are currently not logged in.  If you would like to see saved items, please log in." 

Always back up before making changes.

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