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internal server error

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Good Afternoon

When I try to login to the admin page on my website I get "Internal Server Error" it appears that the .passwd file has been corrupted or deleted


How can I access the file or reinstall it and put in the correct login credentials

We have already tried to change the password with no success


Thanks in advance for your help




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If the message is accurate and it is the .passwd file at fault, then this is a server issue since oscommerce doesn't use that file. That file is created by the password tool in most control panels. If your login is setup that way, then just access the control panels password directory tool, delete the one that is there and add a new one.

Also, Internal Server errors can be caused by many things so if the above doesn't help, you should contact your host so that they can determine the actual error.

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If this is the .htpasswd_oscommerce file in the admin directory, just use an FTP program to back up and delete (on the server) the file.  But download it first, before deleting.  If you still have problems, remove the .htaccess file from the admin directory.  Then put the files back with the proper values.  It may be getting time to get help from your host to password protect the directory properly. 

Always back up before making changes.

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