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shop and norton safe web

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hi, i now have my shop installed.

but each time in the admin or normal shop

i get the message from norton safeweb

it says my site is safe.
but it says: scaminfo: risk for personal information.

how can did be, is this a module i used, that causes this?
or is this oscommerce itself that causes this to happen.


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According to https://community.norton.com/en/forums/stop-scam-insight-personal-information-risk-messages that's just something that they say about all new sites that have login.  There are instructions at https://safeweb.norton.com/help/site_owners for changing your site's rating.  Hint:  they would like you to pay them money.  Failing that, there is a free process that will eventually get the notice off your site.  Attracting large numbers of Norton users to your site will apparently make that happen faster. 

This is a Norton thing, so you may get better suggestions from the Norton forums.  This doesn't seem to be related to actual functionality except that your site collects personal information like login, email, and address.  There is no good way to stop doing that with a web store (short of moving to a common platform like Amazon.com and using their warehouses).  As a message, it is a bit misleading.  You are in almost as much risk when you purchase from a third party merchant on Amazon (still shares your name and address if you don't use their warehouses). 

Always back up before making changes.

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okey thankyou, lets see what i can do about it.

its also so stupid, because it also says my site is safe.

but then the have  a new thing like this to bug you.



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