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discount on like 5 or 10 products

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is there a module that 
i can say if you buy 5 products, maybe with a minimum price you get a discout
i already have the discount module running, but this is for an other discount.
so at the end of the order you can get a discount on the 5 products you bought
and you get the extra discount offered at that moment.

unfortunately i do not understand the code that well to program it all myself.

and im also trying to keep my questions at the minimum on this forum.

(maybe i can already do this with the discount module, but did not see that, if thats so
i will just run a second module of that beside it)

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9 hours ago, spacegremlin said:

i already have the discount module running

Which one?



or see if this old one still works!

Easy discount: Apply multiple checkout discount at any time, anywhere for whatever reason.


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