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SMTP email not able to send out

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Just installed the CE Phoenix version, change email format at my store from "OwnerName" <emailaddress@hotmail.com> to emailaddress@hotmail.com
created a test customer account with customeremail@hotmail.com, send email via Tools/Send email, it show me sent successfully, yet customeremail@hotmail.com did not receive any email, however emailaddress@hotmail.com did receive the error message as below:  

    host smtp.mailchannels.net [52.42.41.xxx]
    SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
    550 5.7.x [BFD] Sender prohibited by SPF

then chat with hosting company asking any setting with cpanel, but they told me nothing to do with them. I have this problem since I use oscommerce 2.2 version, can someone please help to fix this problem.


Many thanks


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The "ownername" email address has to be an address of the domain on which your shop is at.  

This is a Hosting setting and your host is...clueless...not to tell you that.

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I had this exact same issue recently. I usually set up an email with the host when I install oscommerce but my friend wanted to use his old email address so ran into this issue.

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