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Pop up image product page not working

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Have 2.3.4bs4 

Have just managed to to put my htaccess files into Httpd.conf, it was not a easy task for me but its working except for the pop up image on the product page

Its no longer downloading the colorbox script, I reloaded the header tag but to no avail

As the htaccess is the only thing thats changed I suspect its related to a path but there is no error for me to check, its just not there

I do have kissit images but also activated the normal gallery and its still the same issue

If someone knows anything that might help to point me in the right direction I would appreciate it



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The code to load the colorbox is at

<link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/colorbox/colorbox.css" />


<script src="ext/colorbox/jquery.colorbox-min.js"></script>

These are set in ht_product_colorbox.php.

First, go to your (replace www.example.com with your domain name) https://www.example.com/ext/colorbox/colorbox.css and see if it shows the CSS.  If it doesn't, your mod_rewrite is probably changing the URL.  You'll need to fix that. 

Another way of checking the same thing is to go to the product page in your browser and view the source.  This may be as easy as selecting view source from the context menu.  If not, go in the main menu and save the web page.  Then instead of opening the saved page in your browser, use an editor.  The included Microsoft Windows apps like Notepad and WordPad should be sufficient, although a code editor might be better.  Then just see if those lines show up in the HTML source. 

Note that if this is broken by mod_rewrite, it is likely that other ext/ functionality is broken as well.  E.g. payment modules that call back to the site (e.g. PayPal IPN) and review writing. 

Always back up before making changes.

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Thanx for the reply, gave me a place to start looking, its not actually downloading some of the header tags, not sure yet why


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