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Creating Custom Sessions

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I'm trying to find the osCommerce equivalent of the following:



$_SESSION["custom_session"][$keys]["products_id"] - as you can see, I'm working with a session array.

Would anyone have insight on how to create custom sessions while using the osCommerce API?

I've checked the application_top.php and sessions.php, which gave me some ideas but I wasn't exactly certain.

Thank you in advance for any details here and I should add, if necessary, I'm totally comfortable with editing any core files...I know, I'm a rebel...


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In osCommerce, the session_start() is always done for you in includes/application_top.php.  You should not trigger it yourself.  It is done as early as possible. 

To do what you want, try

if (!tep_session_is_registered('custom_session')) {
  $GLOBALS['custom_session'] = [];

Then just use $GLOBALS['custom_session'] as you would normally.  If in global context (outside a class or function), you can access it as $custom_session.  You'd have to do this after tep_session_start is called.  And you probably should wait until after the extract($_SESSION , EXTR_OVERWRITE+EXTR_REFS );

Always back up before making changes.

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