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Support thread for JcM index new products V1.0 Phoenix

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Not in the app's store just download from here.

JcM index new products V1.0 Phoenix

A simple add-on to let you display an index new products on your site

This allows you to set the number of days from which the new products are selected. If no new products added in that period nothing is displayed.

So you could set it to show new products added in last week, month or year.

You can change the title to whatever you prefer “New products this week”

It also make use of a small bit of code to allow you to have the image change on mouse hover (this is done using a small snip-it of code posted by @kgtee in the forum. To use the image change you need to add both the main image and one large image.

As you will see the display has been changed to show a nice compact view with the product name disabled and the image set in the top of the card. The product name can be turned on again if required in admin.

Again totally stand-alone with no core code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin and install.

That's it Enjoy.

Can be see working on this site



JcM index new products Phoenix V1.0.zip

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Wow!...a Fanny album, nice. Thanks for this module. Great idea. 😀

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