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Product options and a sub Categories in Phoenic

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Hello again. I’m almost done testing and getting my 2.3.4 non-BS PHP 5.6 site moved over to Phoenix and the only things I’m struggling to get working Are sub categories in the Nav menu and Customer Input on product boxes. 

Sub-categories work right now if I go to say DVDs I can see Horror or action to use examples, but i would like the Nav to expand to see them in the menu as well. Is this possible? Is there a mod for this? (Ideally a horizontal Nav as well but I haven’t found that yet, but vertical still works and looks nice). 

the second and more pressing issue right now is a customer input field. It was a product option that came over that if used has a $ amount. So if the customer is ordering an add on and gives a description of how to apply it we charge the fee for the add on. CUSTOMER_INPUT appears as a $3 drop box and not a text box. I think this was something in OSC 2.3.4 that needed a check statement but not sure if it’s the same in Phoenix. 

any help on these two is appreciated. 

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Bumping this as didn't get any replies and still don't see any way to fix the Customer-Input box.

Attached some PNGs of how it looks in Phoenix versus how it looks in 2.3.4 to better explain.



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ecartz, I agree... my problem is that the store i'm updating has a few hundred products with this option enabled so i'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of some type of fix or alternative to move these products.

Or I guess a better alternative, which I haven't tried but can, is that the Options V2 is compatible with Phoenix in which case I can just implement that.

Edit 2: my edit on the alternative would be impossible since product_info does not technically exist in it's current state as it's a bunch of modules you add independently.

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 @LeeFoster may have an opinion on whether it is possible. 

There is no direct way to do it at the moment.  I.e. just follow instructions.  You could

1.  Try to figure out where to make the changes in the "bunch of modules" and which you need.  A bunch of work and difficult, but not actually impossible. 

2.  Post in the commercial support inquiries forum and see if you can get a developer to update the module. 

3.  Try to contact the last person who updated the module to see if that person will update it for Phoenix. 

If you have budget, the second option is the most likely to produce results.  Or the third. 

If you don't have any budget to spend on this, you can try the third, but you might find yourself stuck with the first as your only option. 

For your other problem, make a copy of includes/modules/boxes/bm_categories.php called something like bm_my_categories.php.  Change everywhere it says bm_categories to say bm_my_categories (or whatever you named it).  Around line 38, change


to some larger number until you get the effect that you want. 

This will still be a vertical menu, but at least you can customize the depth. 

You will have to make copies of the language and template files as well.  The template is in includes/modules/boxes/templates and has the same name with a tpl_ on the front.  The language file would be in includes/languages/english/modules/boxes and would have the same name.  Change the language as necessary. 

Always back up before making changes.

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