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Questions about multilingual

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Hi everyone,


I've now two languages in our website and it uses a ccTLD, should I use hreflang? I guess it's hard because the domain is for specific country. I'm asking this because Google can detect as duplicated content and penalize the website.

I used website/category/product-1 for default language which is the domain country and english but I've disabled the slug SEO /en/ for example. Also haven't add anything at webmaster like sitemap and international segment... If someone could give a advice I would really appreciate the help.

Also, I've been searching some addon to set products from only specific countries/language but didn't find anything, anyone knows any? Just to set some checkbox at admin/categories.php in the product like: language1 language2.

I tried to remove the products name for that languages but it keeps showing at product listings.. maybe some bug?

By the way, I know reviews should be for specific language but is there a way to show them all? I'm wondering set a little script that if needed ask's for translation though an API. As I've set a new language is normal that there's no reviews and this way should give more reliability to buy.


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