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I'm new to oscommerce

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26 minutes ago, spyshop said:

why not use the older version

of osc?

Older versions work with older versions of PHP. It is strongly recommended to use the new versions of PHP because they are more powerful and more secure.
PHOENIX works with PHP 7 to PHP 7.3.

24 minutes ago, spyshop said:


you know this one?

I know, I tried to see. To create the template, they modified the OsCommerce code. When we want to add an additional functionality to OsCommerce, we always have errors because of the modified code and the after-sales service of the template is non-existent in this case.

Get the latest Phoenix here

(Live   : OsC 2.2, php 5.4 & UTF-8  |  Local : Phoenix for future shop, php 7.3)

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As far as I know, no Danes have yet made an updated translation pack for Phoenix.  If you are able to do it...that would be great.

It means downloading Phoenix and copying the "english" folder, renaming to "danmark" (or whatever), then translating all the english words in all the files.

How the software grows is shopowners like you doing this.  So far;  spanish, russian, french, german - all done by shopowners. 

Help shape the future of Phoenix; join the Phoenix Club

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