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eBay Manager Installation issues

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Hi All,

I have just installed

Ebay manager

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3 I have not installed the BS version I am using the lates oScommerce. 

Version Checker Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 You are running the latest version of osCommerce Online Merchant.

All inital indications seemd good eBay devID etc etc configured however when attempting to eBay list an item I recieve the following error.

Ebay category structure has changed. You must upload the new version now.

Would appreciate any help


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Hi Tony,

Unfortunately it looks like this particular add on is no longer actively supported by its author. So you might not get much luck unless someone familiar with the add on is in a position to post and help.

I do not believe there is a functioning eBay manager add on that is freely available.

My quick google searches indicate that there may be some available commercially but I am not in a position to verify this or to confirm whether they would work.

If this add on important to you, it might be worth posting in the commercial enquiries section of the forum in case someone is able to assist you.

On a related subject, if and when you consider upgrading your website, I would encourage you  to consider the latest version of osCommerce, Phoenix 1.02.5.  Please see the following announcement:



Support the Project, go PRO and get access to certified add ons

Full-time I am a C-suite executive of a large retail company in Australia. In my spare time, I enjoying learning about web-design.

Download the latest version of CE Phoenix from gitHub here

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