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Has anyone recently used a Module to push their OSCommerce shop content to a Facebook shop (as well as having an OSCommerce website)?

There is a module that appears to do what I would like:


But it is from 2013 so I am unsure if it would work with Phoenix.

Have others using tried this module recently? Experiences?

Is this moule my best shot, or is there something more up-to-date available that Phoenix users are using?


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it does not work, for any version of OSCommerce, apart from the addon, not being in the download ( it is just a html document), the domain name listed is no longer working, which it teels you to go to. 

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You might want to link to some more reading (eg at facebook).  I've done lots of facebook things, but I have no clue what FB still use, what they have deprecated etc.

A quick summing up of my own mods shows;

  • FB tracking
  • FB comments (for products)
  • FB responsible social link
  • FB comments (for the osc blog)
  • FB catalog (uses an XML of products)
  • I know there's more but I gave up looking...

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