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support thread for JcM New Themes Header Tags-V1.0 Phoenix

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JcM New Themes Header Tags-V1.0

A simple header_tag module to let you change the theme on your Phoenix site.

This is a standalone add-on and makes no changes to core files.

Comes with 18 Bootstrap 4 themes to select from. You can make further changes to each by using the color tweak add-on.

That’s it simply copy all files of the into relevant sections and go to admin modules /header tags and install. You can then select the required theme in admin.

too many images to post here to show each theme but you can see them here https://bootswatch.com/

Has been tested on Phoenix only. Enjoy!




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Thank you very much Zahid @JcMagpiefor this excellent contribution to the community.

This demonstrates that good constructive conversations and ideas in the forum, result in excellent contributions to the OSC community. 👍

Running Old EDGE, setting up a new Frozen site with many nice addons available on the market and waiting to be admitted to Phoenix club!

Community Oscommerce fan :heart:


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Posted (edited)

It's is quit simple to make a custom version of a theme. You can use a online theme editor or just edit an existing theme.

This is the stock Sketchy-bootstrap theme it's nice I like it.


But you may not like it in black. No problem a few edits in the .css file and you can change that.

here it is in blue.


file is attached.

No? need more ok lets look at some of the colors trends for 2020 :)


I like the Flame Scarlet :) nice color let's use that. A few more edits of the .css and we have


again file is attached




Edited by JcMagpie


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Ok i forgot about footer-extra in Phoenix, this is not part of the Boostrap themes. To change that you need to add a bit of aditional css to your user.css file.

.footer-extra {
    background: #cd212a; /*#3b5998;original*/
    color: #cd212a;
    line-height: 2;
    padding-top: 10px;
    border-width: 2px;
    border-style: solid;
    border-radius: 25px 25px 55px 5px/5px 55px 25px 25px;

This will give you this footer extra to match the rest of the style. Color as you require.



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