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New Phoenix Install - No product pages

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I have a new phoenix install... attempting to upgrade from 2.3.4 to CE / Phoenix.  Everything actually worked better than planned.  I have categories and searchable products, but the whole center column where I should have sub-categories or products is blank.  When i view my HTML source, there is nothing being rendered.  I'm assuming this is configured somewhere on the backend or do I have something corrupt somewhere?  Even if i go by manufacturer, the center page is blank where it is index.php?manufacturers_id=96.  Everything appears to be rendering though.  Any thoughts?  I don't want to get too far down the rabbit hole of configuring this version of OSC until i know the core of it is functioning properly but my experience kind of died with OSC 2.3.x

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Hi Dan,

Some more information would be useful.

Confirming that you are using the latest version of CEP Phoenix which is 1.02.5?

Is this a stock install? Did you do make any other changes to it? Did you attempt to migrate database for example? Did you turn anything on / off in admin?

When you say blank:

  1. Can you please post screen shots? Are you getting a message at least which saying 'there are no products available in this category'? This is the default message when a category / manufacturer does not exist? That would point to one issue.
  2. Is the problem with subcategories only, or when you click on a category?
  3. In admin > modules > content, confirm that index_nested and index_products modules are activated (including product listing)  I believe they should be by default. if these are not activated, might explain why product listing not appearing when you click on a category.




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6 hours ago, duckydan said:

whole center column where I should have sub-categories or products is blank

Go to admin contents and make sure you have sub catogory list turned on. If it is then turn it off uninstall it and then clear cache re install and turn on and see if it works.


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A new install of Phoenix will make sure you have all the database structure you need and will pre-install a default set of modules including those that are missing in your new shop.

If you have upgraded/reused an existing database from another version of osc then it may just be that it has not pre-installed these content modules and you'll just need to install them. If there are other differences you'll likely come across them soon enough!

Have a look in the modules section in admin and you'll see some new bits - mostly in Content. These are split into different content areas - some apply to all pages (eg. header, footer) some to specific pages (eg. product_info) and the index page is a bit more complicated: index is the top, index_nested shows a category containing categories and index_products shows a category containing products.

Spend a bit of time getting your head around these modules and seeing what other ones there are to install. For example you can add login etc to any of navbar, header and footer, or even all of them.

The specific ones  you're missing are those outlined by Zahid above.

For a new install or if your store isn't mobile-friendly, get the community-supported responsive osCommerce (Phoenix).

here: on the official osc download page

Working on generalising bespoke solutions for Quickbooks integration, Easify integration and pay4later (DEKO) integration at 2.3.x

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Thanks for the replies.  The items above in Content are what i was looking for, for the most part.  It's not 100% where i want to be, but it's a lot closer than where I was.  I now at least have a homepage display message and product information pages.  I can see i have a good amount of work ahead of me to get it back to a working state...  i may actually import the default configuration table versus using the config table I had and work forwards versus backwards as that may be better seeing as how I'm going to rebuild most of what I have, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.  Thanks to everyone for their replies.

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