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Replace Phoenix insipid font awesome payment icons with some color.

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If you have used  Phoenix then you know it uses some very boring payment icons in the footer suffix.



It's an easy fix to change these for something a bit more intresting. Simply edit includes/languages/english/modules/content/footer_suffix/cm_footer_extra_icons.php

and replace the last line with this.

  <p> <img src="https://www.merchantequip.com/image/?logos=v|m|a|d|p&height=32" alt="Merchant Equipment Store Credit Card Logos"/></p>');

You will now have a bit of color 😊 in the footer. You can edit as you like to add more or change size. The change is made in this part of the code "logos=v|m|a|d|p&height=32" or visit the site and make your own.


that's it enjoy.

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update image


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Glad to see a free release for oscommerce that is easy to install and looks better than core.

Thanks @JcMagpie


Get the latest Responsive osCommerce CE (community edition) here

It's very easy to over complicate what are simple things in life

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Free Credit Card Logos for Your Website

This is a collection of credit card logos for use on your website. You can copy the html and paste it directly into your website. These are all hosted securely so you can include them on encrypted (SSL) pages without errors.

Using the API is optional but still free or use the free icon maker and host them yourself.



A little light humor... well it made me smile.  "the donald"


Edited by JcMagpie


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