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Support thread for JcM No Stock Header Tags-V1.0

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V1.0 by JcMagpie based on idea by BrockleyJohn

A simple header_tag module to let you disable buy buttons for products with zero stock.

This is a standalone add-on and makes no changes to core files.

That’s it simply copy all files of the into relevant sections and go to admin modules /header tags and install.

Has been tested on Phoenix only.

can be seen on thi test site


You can expand it function if required.

a) change class success to danger to make button red?

b) replace text from buy and add to cart, to no stock?

That's it enjoy.






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Thank you very much Zahid @JcMagpiefor packing this magnificent code to addon and making it available to the whole oscommerce community.

This is the beauty of the community open code.

Running Old EDGE, setting up a new Frozen site with many nice addons available on the market and waiting to be admitted to Phoenix club!

Community Oscommerce fan :heart:


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